Data Extraction Made Simple.

Xtractly blends cutting-edge software with an extensive infrastructure and a highly seasoned team of data extraction experts. We provide enterprise level data extraction services to businesses, agencies and researchers discreetly and in absolute confidence. Our teams of sr. level developers are all highly experienced in various data extraction techniques and strategies, and they're experts in their field. Together, they bring a high level of institutional knowledge, which when combined with Xtractly's advanced, proprietary software solution, make Xtractly a powerful tool for extracting and "contextualizing" online content. When you hire Xtractly you gain our entire staff's combined years of experience and research and development in the data extraction space. Call or email us to discuss your project today, and we'll show you how Xtractly can obtain the information your own organization requires in the most efficient and reliable manner possible.

Xtractly For...

Data Mining

The internet is a treasure trove of information for those with access to it. Xtractly's powerful engine combines scalability with granularity, enabling the automated combing through of literally millions of pages of data at the intervals you specify. It navigates buttons, fills in forms, and parses fields, making the hidden web visible and cross-searchable. For data mining it's the mother-load.

Marketing Lists

Buying marketing lists can be expensive and unreliable. But building your own puts you back in the driver's seat. With Xtractly, you control how often the data will be refreshed, what sources you draw upon and how you'll use it. It's your data to re-sell or license as you see fit, because you own it, and the price it costs you is just the nominal fixed cost to use Xtractly.

Business Intelligence

Xtractly brings tremendous advantage to business. With today's profusion of information, staying informed has become more important, and more challenging, than ever before. We help by automating manual data collection tasks and bringing web resources into sharp focus. We also provide dashboards, scorecards and custom applications for seamless integrations.

Reputation Management

Knowing who's talking about your company or products can be crucial. But with millions of chat and blog pages to monitor the task can be daunting, and data turns over before you ever even see it. Xtractly solves the problem with intelligent agents that do the work for you, monitoring the sites of concern and alerting you when your specified keywords are triggered.

Price Tracking

Need to watch pricing changes as they occur across multiple online sources? Xtractly makes it easy. Our software monitors the sites of your specification, at the timetable you select, extracting just the information you're interested in and blending it into one, new cross-searchable database. Suddenly, what used to take hours takes seconds and finding the best price is a piece of cake.

Trend Indentification

Whatever trends you follow, if they rely upon any online data we can help. Xtractly improves efficiency and lowers cost by automating tasks otherwise requiring expensive research hours. By drastically removing the man hours required, many new projects suddenly become cost-effective, and new opportunities, if not whole industries, open up.