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Over several years, Xtractly's evolved into a powerful technology, leveraging machine learning to shrink set-up requirements & push down costs. Our team of experts run the entire process for you, making Xtractly a much more efficient & reliable way to gather online information. XTRACTLY DELIVERS.


Step 01



You specify the sites & types of content to be extracted.

Step 02

Map &

Map &

Xtractly crawls target sites, mapping & learning site structures as it goes.

Step 03

Deliver &

Deliver &

Data is sent according to your specified formatting & scheduling requirements.


Web Extraction

Xtractly deploys quickly and scales efficiently, to harvest massive amounts of online data at minimal cost.

Data Structuring

Extracting data is just half the battle, making it actionable is the other half. Xtractly does both.

Online Automation

Xtractly can automate two-way data flows between online sources with no formal relationship.

Feeds & Integrations

Tailor made feeds deliver data from any number of websites, according to the schedule and format that you specify.


Monitoring & Alerting

Xtractly makes it easy to keep an eye on any number of websites. You identify the targets & we watch & alert as instructed.


Content Archiving

Need to save content but not sure how you'll use it? Xtractly snapshots sites and saves them in your vault.


Automated Data

Automate Data Collection to
Start Leveraging Data Stored Online

Data is the new oil & Xtractly gives you the means to tap it. The Internet's million+ exabytes of information are suddenly brought within reach; companies ready to leverage it enjoy unprecedented advantage.

Who We Are

Xtractly brings a deep bench of Sr. level web extraction experts, each with several years of experience in high volume web scraping. When you hire us you place the combined experience of our entire team behind your project, along with our powerful, cutting edge technology--the Xtractly platform. It's this combination of technology & experience that makes us different. For you, our customer, it translates to lower total start-up costs with much higher qulity results, & far fewer uncertainties along the way.

The Xtractly Difference

Web extractors have traditionally fallen into two categories; light-weight solutions suitable for small scale scraping, or costly enterprise solutions requiring extensive training & support. Xtractly takes a different approach. We've built a powerful platform operated by a team of experts that do everything for you. With Xtractly there's no software to license or learning curve to navigate. Instead, you just tell us what data you want & we'll deliver it to you in the format of your choice. As a fully managed service we take a great deal of pride in the results that we actually produce, rather than just selling software. We're always available to consult & happy to provide whatever length of POC is required until you're completely comfortable with the results we can produce.


"The scale and efficiency that Xtractly is able to produce is unmatched ...there's just currently no other source that produces these kind of results."


Xtractly Stats

Xtractly scales quickly to easily handle even very large jobs. Put our infrastructure behind your project to remove risk & fast track results.


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Pages Crawled monthly


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We're happy to give ballpark estimates to help get your project started. Consultations are free and if you decide to proceed, we'll outline a proof-of-concept to demonstrate that Xtractly would be your best option.

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